How many years have you tried diet after diet just trying to get this eating thing right?

Does it feel like your attempts to control your weight
only leaves you feeling out-of-control, stressed out and
confused about how and what to eat?

What if you could completely change
thoughts about
food, dieting and weight loss
and implement a
healthy, consistent and simple way to approach eating?

Sound amazing, right?

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Don't you want to stop constantly thinking & worrying about what you can or can't eat?

End your lifelong struggle with dieting & weight loss…Stop letting food control every though of everyday…Stop missing out on making memories because you don't feel like your body is good enough…Learn how to eat healthy, feel great and NEVER DIET AGAIN!

  • Uncover the truth about diets and why you can't seem to lose the weight
  • No more making multiple meals because you're diet won't let you eat the same foods as your family
  • End the I-hate-my-body mindset
  • Learn to manage emotional eating
  • Learn to enjoy food again without the stress or guilt
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In 5 days you can start making simple & consistent
changes that will produce real results.

Damned if you Diet, Damned if You Don't

Discover the unknown damage of dieting and the impact diet culture has on so many of us hitting diet bottom unable to break-free from the societal pressures and ideals of health.

Identifying Your Eating Personality

Understand your personal struggles with food and the specific diet mentality that keeps you stuck in the dieting cycle.

Finding Your Inner Food Zen

Implement simple mindful eating tools to help you start enjoying food again and have major impact on your mealtime success.

Eating Your Emotions

Most of us are self-proclaimed emotional eaters, but emotional eating is not all bad. Learn how to use emotional eating to your advantage and start building your emotional muscles so you aren't always turning to food for comfort.

You Can't Hate Yourself to Healthy

Body dissatisfaction is the norm in today's world, but we can shift our perspective from our body being a problem that needs to be fixed to one of embracing, respecting and caring for our body.

Meet Kara.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist •
Food Therapist • Eating Coach •
Self-Care Connoisseur

I'm a former binge eater and self-proclaimed emotional eater turned food therapist and eating coach. I spent years calculating calories, painfully trying to eat perfectly to achieve the ideal standard of health only to fall into the despair of emotionally binge eating and failing time and time again until I was miserable with the whole process and couldn’t find the beauty in the woman I saw in the mirror.

I realized that if I was struggling with eating this much that many other women had to be experiencing the same agony, frustration and confusion. I knew I had to do something about the eating chaos that sends women into a seemingly never-ending struggle between their food choices and their worth as a person.

I established a practice that specializes in helping women create a relationship with eating and nutrition they can actually stick to that is stress-free, guilt-free, healthy and satisfying even if they’ve struggled with feeling out of control when it comes to eating or food for years.

I'm passionate about women being able to live a healthy and happy life where they feel good in their own skin and know they are worthy of great things in life regardless of a number on a scale or a pair of jeans.

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Stop letting the scale decide if you will have a good day.

You are worthy of living the life you want, regardless of your weight or the size of your jeans.

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Kara Trochta Nutrition & Wellness

17503 La Cantera Pkwy Suite 104 #239

San Antonio, Texas 78257


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