Your kids are all in school and now you're asking...
What's Next?

You know you were made for more than cleaning, the laundry or driving kids everywhere
so now you're wondering...

Who am I?
What do I do now?

It's time for some clarity
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Not long ago, your days were filled caring for your babies and now...

  • You feel like you don't have a purpose when the kids aren't home
  • You have lost your way in the chaos of motherhood and life, and feel as if you lack the time or energy to make a change
  • You're scared that if you pursue other passions, you'll miss out on moments & memories
  • You never wanted to be "just" mom, but you don't even know what you want anymore
  • You have more free time, but don't know how to spend your day
  • You wish you could spend more time doing things you really wanted to do while also getting all your have to-dos done
  • You're stuck in all the things you think you "should" be doing
  • You feel pressured to go back to work or find some way to make money so you can prove your worth to your spouse and family now that the kids aren't home full time

    I've been where you are and I want to help you create a clear strategy and vision for this next season in your life.
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Mama, you were made for more...

You were made to be Mom--that was part of God's plan for you, but you were also made for more.

-More than cleaning the house.
-More than the laundry.
-More than an activities coordinator & chauffeur.

It's okay if you don't know what that more is--this is your time to discover what else is part of God's plan for you--what else you were created to do!

Made for more means you are a mom, but it also means you have purpose and passion that compliments your motherhood.

Let's find it!

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For I know the plans I have for you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11

Why do you need a Life Audit Session?

Evaluate where you are at in life right now

  • take a honest look at all areas of your life--motherhood, marriage, health & wellness, time
  • understand what areas of your life are working and where you might need help making a change.

Prioritize your time & energy to get more done

  • Stop being controlled by all the "shoulds"!
  • create balance between the things you have to-do and what you want to-do
  • focus your time and energy on what's important to you

Get Clear on what you want

  • Answer the questions "Who am I?" and "What do I do now?"
  • Is now the time to pursue a new career or go back to work? Do you want to volunteer more? Do you just want to spend more of your day with intention and meaning?
  • Together we'll start answering these important questions to reveal God's continued purpose for you

Set goals for your future

  • What are the things you always said you'd do when the kids went to school? Well, mama, that time is here.
  • Stop saying someday
  • create a vision & plan to help you meet your goals
  • live with intention and aligned with your faith and compliments you as a mom

A Note from Kara

Hey there!
As a stay-at-home mom for 9 years, I know a lot of what your going through right now.

Being at home with my babies was truly a blessing, even though there were some really rough days. As the saying goes, the days are long, but the years are fast.  

All of a sudden my youngest was starting school full-time and my house was empty during the day.

Boy was it quiet but that little voice in my head got really loud telling me all the things I "should" do and asking questions like, "Who are you now?"

I didn't know what to do. I knew that I had more to offer than cleaning the house and driving my kids everywhere, but I also didn't want to jump back into a full-time career and miss out on being there for my kiddos.

So, I started working with a life coach to help me figure out what God was calling me to do and how I wanted to spend my days.

Now, as a life coach myself, I help moms, like you, navigate this transition I call Middle Motherhood to create a vision for your future and design your day around what's meaningful to you.

You can pursue purpose and passion all in a way that compliments your life as a mom.

So if your ready start living your life, your way, let's chat!


What Clients are Saying

I just got back from Cape Cod. I was sitting on the same porch there and thinking about how I sat in the same spot two years ago, a complete disaster, and had my first session with you. My eyes welled thinking about how far I've come and how I owe all of that to you.
My mindset is so different than it was two years ago.

You have no idea what a difference you've made in my life.

Deb M. | New York

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